Sydney-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Hong Kong Seminar Tour/シドニー、シンガポール、クアラルンプール、バンコク、香港セミナーツアー

Opera House in Sydney/シドニー オペラハウス Merlion in Singapore/シンガポール マーライオン Durian man (?) in Kuala Lumpur/クアラルンプール ドリアンマン(?) No Smoking and No Durians in Kuala Lumpur/クアラルンプール 禁煙&禁ドリアン Reclining Buddha in Bangkok/バンコク 涅槃仏 Skyscrapers from the Peak in Hong Kong/香港 ピークからの高層ビル群 I went through the Sydney-Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Hong Kong Digital Biology Seminar Tour sponsored by Bio-Rad. I have to declare here that I took days off from the Institute for this tour, because the Institute does not allow me to receive any speaker fee as an Institutional employee. Everything happened during my private hours, although I believe that the tour was a great advertisement of the Institute. That is just th

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