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チャレンジスクールオンライン ブロッコリーからDNA抽出


 配信は小学校で配布されているタブレットを使いましたが、子供がみんな使い慣れていて、驚きました。ミュートと発言するタイミングの切替も完璧です。大人でも会合でミュートし忘れで余計な音出している人たくさんいるのに… あとカメラが人の顔を自動追跡するという、超余計な機能がデフォルトでオンになっていたおかげで、ブロッコリーをアップにしたいのに、ブロッコリーを持っている人の顔を映し続けるという困ったことになったのですが、解除のやり方も子供が教えてくれたそうです。


We organized an online event for elementary school kids to extract DNA from broccoli. Participants prepared the necessary reagents and tools (and broccoli), and we taught how to do it by using tablets. Broccoli seems to be often used for DNA extraction experiments. The surface green part of broccoli is actually flowers. We use the flowers for DNA extraction. The reason seems to be because the cells are smaller in the flowers, so we can obtain more DNA from a smaller volume. We asked to use ethanol for disinfection for this DNA extraction experiments. Because of the pandemic, ethanol is now so familiar to everybody. It was so relieving to see all the kids who participated in the event successfully extract DNA. I thank the organizers, my friend policeman who was a main cast of the event, and the participants.

We used tablets distributed by our city. I was surprised to see kids are so used to tablets and online lectures. Switching between muting and speaking was perfect too. Some adults are much worse than these kids. Moreover, the default setting of the tablet's camera was with automatic tracking human faces, so even we tried to zoom in to broccoli, the camera tried to chase the face of a person who held the broccoli. That was super annoying, but a kid told us how to turn it off. Kid are sponge for sure.

Anyway, I hope everybody enjoyed the event.


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