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埼玉県立川越高等学校 同窓会 くすのき未来塾 / Public Online Seminar on PCR for Primary School Kids in Kawagoe






I gave an online seminar to introduce PCR to primary school kids in Kawagoe city. This seminar series is organized by the alumni of Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe High School, which is my old school. This seminar was supposed to be held in person, but it had to be online due to the pandemic this time. I have already given basically the same seminars before, so I was able to use the same slides.

The kids were very active asking questions and participating in polls, so it was somewhat interactive. I even spent too much time to answer their questions, which was nice. I hope I was able to tell the idea and basics of PCR to them. I gave the same public talk 3 days before this, so I am getting better at talking about PCR.

Although this seminar was online, I came to Kawagoe High School to give this one, because this was a good opportunity for the organizers to see how an online seminar is done. Therefore, I used the largest monitor ever in my life for my presentation. My neck hurt.

For this seminar, I visited Kawagoe High School for the first time perhaps in 20 years. I was surprised to see the city has become a tourist site way more than it used to be. Also, I confirmed that the school is too far from the nearest train station... The school route between the station and the school was very nostalgic though.

I thank the organizers for this opportunity.


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