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小学生チャレンジスクール めざせDNAマスター2023 / Elementary School Kids, Special Class "Aim to Be a DNA Master" 2023





We organized a scientific event for elementary school kids to perform a DNA test by agarose-gel electrophoresis. We organized the same event in 2019, but had not been able to have another one since due to the COVID-19 pandemic for 4 years. This was the first time for all the graduate students from our lab who helped the event this time, and some students who helped the last time had already left the lab. Yes, time flies.

NIPPON Genetics Co., Ltd. kindly provided us with their Blue LED devices to visualize the DNA this time again, as they kindly did the same last time. We cannot let elementary school kids deal with the EtBr+UV combination, so their non-EtBr&non-UV system really helps.

All the participants enthusiastically listened to my lecture on DNA, and performed the experiments. One of the kids studied CRISPR-Cas9 by himself and talked to me about it. Their futures are so bright. The DNA test in this event was to help a policeman/friend of the kids assigned to their school find out a criminal. They all successfully identified the criminal. They were so intelligent and active. We welcomed the most parents to the event the ever before. It was nice that the parents were able to see their kids doing the activities.

I was very relieved to see it went well. I thank the teachers and coordinators from the elementary school, NIPPON Genetics, people from my lab, the admin people from our institute, the friend policeman, the parents, and the most importantly the school kids who participated in the event.


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