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日本ゲノム編集学会第6回大会オンライン / 6th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Genome Editing Online





I participated in the 6th annual meeting of the Japanese society for genome editing (online). Initially, the meeting was planned to be held in Kyushu, so I was looking forward to foods there, but a face-to-face meeting was far from a reality. It was unfortunate.

Last year, I participated in an online meeting in the US east coast, but it was extremely tough due to the time difference. It was way easier to understand talks during the time when you are usually awake. My talk was a part of a session sponsored by companies this time. It was nice to have great feedback from the audience for my research. A staff scientist and graduate students in our lab also presented their posters well, which was good.

You are physically in the lab during an online meeting, so you can do something else too. An online meeting never serves as a "retreat". It was also difficult to have random conversations with other scientists. However, we did not have to spend time for travel, and could continue our daily lives, while collecting scientific information efficiently.

I hope the "normal" world where we can enjoy traveling for conferences will be back soon.


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