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日本ゲノム編集学会第9回大会 / 9th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Genome Editing




I attended the Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Genome Editing held in Osaka. If I remember correctly, I was unable to join the meeting last year due to another overseas conference, and before that a few meetings were online because of COVID-19, so it had been quite a while. The traditional venue in Osaka was cool.

 I think the on-site conference is more informative than the online conference. As long as you go there, you can certainly see the posters and the presenters. Moreover, I think that the biggest difference is that I meet people I wasn't expecting to meet. Online, you just listen to the presentations you want to hear, which you have researched beforehand, and talk to the presenters, but when you are at the conference, you run into someone by chance. During the conference, I was suddenly approached by a classmate from my school days whom I had not seen for a long time. In addition, he was wearing a mask, so I had to search all over my brain to find out who he was, and I also talked to someone who happened to be in the elevator at the hotel.

 I was able to successfully give my poster presentation, and I also learned a lot from other people's presentations. The conference will be held in Tokyo next year, and I would like to participate.


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