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理研BRC/AMED共催&日本組織培養学会後援 市民公開講座@つくば / Public Seminar @ Tsukuba (RIKEN BRC, AMED, JTCA)




I gave a talk at a public seminar, "Frontier of Disease Research Using iPS Cells," held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center. Talking to the general public is a different challenge from talking to researchers at academic conferences. It is necessary to theoretically put yourself in a situation where you have no idea about the basic scientific knowledge and the words we use so routinely. I liken this ability to that of Yagami Light's ability to perfectly simulate how he would act if he temporarily lost his memory with the Death Note. This is actually the same for research funding applications, etc. Even when I think I've fully assumed everything, I usually make a mistake somewhere and end up saying, "There's no way I could have known this unless I knew it from the beginning."

Anyway, there were people who told me that my talk was comprehensible (although it is possible that they did not tell me their honest thoughts), which was good. I hope that I was able to convey the significance of combining iPS cells and genome editing in a big picture.

 Dr. Yohei Hayashi of RIKEN BRC invited me to the meeting, although he could not attend. Thank you as always. I hope the meeting was meaningful for everyone who attended.


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