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高橋和利博士による都民講座「今語られるiPS細胞誕生への道のり」/ Public Seminar by Dr. Kazutoshi Takahashi "the Birth of iPS Cell"

 京都大学iPS細胞研究所の高橋和利先生をお招きして、都民講座「今語られるiPS細胞誕生への道のり」を開催しました。高橋先生とは、私がGladstone Institutesでポスドクをしていた間に、高橋先生が隣の山中先生の研究室にいらっしゃったときからのお付き合いです。もちろん、直接お会いする前からiPS細胞を作った人としてよく存じ上げておりましたので、最初お会いした際には「ホンモノだ!」と思いました。




I hosted a public seminar "Path to the birth of iPS cells" by Dr. Kazutoshi Takahashi from CiRA, Kyoto University. I know him since I was a postdoc at Gladstone Institutes. He joined the Yamanaka lab and we were next to them. Of course I knew him before I met him as the person who generated iPS cells.

We hear medical applications of iPS cells from mass media so often. On the other hand, chances to learn about the path to the birth of iPS cells are relatively rare, although I think this is one of the most interesting stories in biology. Therefore, I really wanted to have this event, so asked him to give a talk this time.

Dr. Takahashi explained the more than 130 years of history of the cell fate determination very intelligibly. I really think the invention of iPS cells was a stroke of genius, but I re-recognized that there had still been piles of studies from the past. His talk was fantastic and more than what I expected.

We were able to hold this seminar in a hybrid mode, so people could join online. I hope that people enjoyed the excellence of the inventions of iPS cells itself as well as the scientific history leading to it. Schools were in summer breaks, so many students joined the seminar. I hope they enjoyed the seminar too, and consider scientists as a candidate of their future jobs. I thank all the participants and Dr. Takahashi.


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