白鳥幼稚園保護者会での講演/Talk at a Parents' Meeting at My Old Preschool

通っていた幼稚園/My old preschool







I gave a talk at a parents' meeting at my old preschool that I attended 30 years ago. The talk was about my recent research, my career since the preschool, and etc. I did not expect this kind of invitation from my old preschool at all, although the talk was for parents not for preschool kids.

This was probably literally my first visit to my old preschool since my graduation 30 years ago. The preschool now has a joint nursery, so the site is bigger than it was 30 years ago. Surprisingly, the principal and my homeroom teacher are still working there and do remember me.

The yard looks quite different from what it looked, but the inside of the building still remains largely unchanged, which made me nostalgic. Actually going there and seeing old things evoked my memories associated with these things. The human brain is intriguing.

A lot of parents attended the talk. The responses were quite positive. Some people told me that now they understand iPS cells and genome editing better. I hope my talk gave at least some insights about our research to them. Talking to people without any scientific background is a really tough task, but I definitely have to improve my skill.

I am not an expert on education, so I talked about my experiences and how I communicate with our kids just as an example. Considering that I still remember a lot of things that happened to me 30 years ago, what I am doing for and talking to my kids now can stay with them forever. We have to think about that. We cannot raise our kids by thinking too much about those kinds of things at the same time though... I need a good balance.

It was a great time, a great experience. I thank them for having me there.

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