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宮島篤教授の医学研セミナー/Institutional seminar by Dr. Atsushi Miyajima



 私が宮島研を出てからの仕事は、完全にはフォローできていなかったので、その後の展開は新鮮でした。iPS細胞の研究がかなり大きく広がっていることと、肝臓の研究はどんどんin vivoの実験が進んでいるのが印象的でした。よく知っている人達の研究が進展していて、よい刺激になりました。セミナー後に宮島先生と原先生と食事をご一緒し、二人の大先輩PIから貴重なアドバイスを多くいただきました。また日々精進します。

We had an Institutional seminar by Dr. Atsushi Miyajima from the University of Tokyo, who is my PhD (+ ~2 years of staff scientist) mentor. Dr. Hara from the Stem Cell Project at our Institute kindly organized the seminar. Dr. Hara used to be a staff scientist in the Miyajima lab before, so we were both from the same lab, although we had no overlap.

As Dr. Miyajima is about to have his forced retirement this March, he went through the history of his research. After hearing his research sort of as a whole, I felt like I played at least a certain role in the research in the lab. His talk reminded of a lot of things during my PhD student (+ staff scientist) days with mixed emotions of joy, excitement, anxiety, frustration, and etc. Those days were fun for me overall, and I grew up a lot as a scientist in this period. However, I would never like to do it again, even if you asked me to do so.

I had not followed all the works in the Miyajima lab after I left, so the recent ones were very fresh to me. I was impressed with the expanding research using iPS cells and the more sophisticated in vivo liver experiments. I saw some people that I know of having great results, which was stimulative in a good way to me. After the seminar, I had dinner with Drs. Miyajima and Hara, and got a lot of valuable advice. It is nice to have great mentors.

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