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山梨県へ日帰り研究室旅行 / One-Day Lab Trip to Yamanashi Prefecture


 次に忍野八海という、富士山を中心とする世界遺産の一部?に行きました(世界遺産の仕組みがよくわからないので、私が間違っていたらどなたかコメント欄にでもご指摘いただけるとありがたいです)。富士山からの湧水でできた池が八個あって、それで八海なんだそうです。天気がよかったので、とても綺麗でした。一番それっぽい、大きな池は人工池で、世界遺産の一部ではない、というのも驚きでした(観光用?)。中国を中心としたアジアの観光客の方が非常に多く、私みたいな日本人が冗談抜きで少数派でした。日本の経済を回してくれていることに感謝です。大学1・2年で習った中国語をもう少し覚えていたらなー、と思うのですが使わないのでなかなか難しいです。全く同じことをサンフランシスコに住んでいたときも思いましたが。  いい息抜きになったので、次回の案をまた考えます。

We visited the Kikyouya Factory and Oshino Hakkai in Yamanashi prefecture for a one-day lab trip. The weather was wonderful. We took a factory tour at Kikyouya. Kikyouya is very famous for its "Shingen-mochi (信玄餅)", which is sort of rice cake with toasted soybean flour and syrup. The most surprising thing for me was that they manually wrap Shingen-mochi with plastic packages. It reminded me of filling boxes with pipette tips in the lab. They have a lot of good stuff in addition to Shingen-mochi, so I ate and purchased things too much.

We next visited Oshino Hakkai, which seems to be a part of the world heritage of Mt. Fuji (please leave a comment if I am wrong, as I am not sure). There are eight ponds derived from the spring water from Mt. Fuji, so they are called "Hakkai" (eight oceans). They were really beautiful, as the weather was nice. It was also surprising that the biggest pond is actually an artificial one (probably for tourism?). There were so many people from Asian countries (seemingly mainly China) that Japanese people like me was a minority (no joke). I thank them for boosting our economy. I wish I could remember more Chinese that I learned when I was an undergraduate student. However, it is difficult if you do not use it. I thought exactly the same thing while I lived in San Francisco as well.

The trip was refreshing, so I am planning the next one.

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