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ラジオNIKKEIにて医学講座収録 / Radio Recording at Radio NIKKEI

Tokyo City / 東京の街並み(都会だなーと思う)
Studio / スタジオ
Now on Air (actually recoding) / 録音中



 私自身、おぎやはぎのメガネびいき、オードリーのオールナイトニッポン、髭男爵 山田ルイ53世のルネッサンスラジオ(一度メールを読んでもらったこともあります)を聞いているので、想像しかしたことのなかったラジオのスタジオに入れて感動しました。多分、ラジオNIKKEIと、TBSラジオ、ニッポン放送、文化放送でスタジオの作りは多少違うのでしょうが、大まかには同じではないかと予想します。おぎやはぎのメガネびいきの中で、言い間違いをリスナーが指摘するコーナーがあるのですが、自分がやってみると全てを完璧に喋るのは無理でした。


I visited Radio NIKKEI in Toranomon to record a radio program "Igaku Koza (Medical Seminar Series)", which will be on air from 8:40pm-9:00pm JST on December 18th. I will talk about new frontiers of iPS cell research. The program will be also available via podcast as well as on-demand streaming later. When I first saw the invitation to the program, I was a bit surprised because I am not a medical doctor. However, I accepted this, as this is a rare chance to be on radio. I tried my best to be precise, but I apologize in advance in case the information is not correct.

Just reading a manuscript sounds easy, but it was absolutely not. I rarely read aloud such a long text in daily life. My voice was almost gone toward the end.

I listen to several radio programs by myself, so it was exciting to be in a real studio. As you can see, being a scientist is nice, because sometimes we can experience something you would never be able to otherwise.

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