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鎌倉に研究室旅行/One Day Lab Trip to Kamakura



We went to Kamakura for our lab trip this year. As far as I remember, this was my very first time to visit Kamakura. I grew up in the Southern Saitama area, and school trips in that area were typically in Nikko and Nara/Kyoto for elementary schools and middle schools, respectively, so I had no chance to visit Kamakura as a part of school activities.

First, we took a pottery art class, and learned how to shape cups and dishes. Then, we visited Kamakura Big Buddha, Zeniarai Benzaiten (Money-washing shrine), Hokoku-ji (Bamboo temple), Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine, and Komachi street. It was a nice breather. Each year, I put everything into grant writing till around this time, and go out for a lab trip. It tends to be a nice autumn season. Let us think where to go next year...

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