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2020 Year-End Review / 2020年総括




研究室の人員が増えた それに伴い研究室の模様替えを行った




スタッフと学生の連携を高めて、研究室の拡大に対応する そのためによく話す






2021年もまだ全く予測ができませんが、2020年よりもあらゆる面でより良い年になるよう、願うばかりです。 Good things in 2020:

Everyone has been healthy -> The most important thing this year.

Got funded at least for a while.

The lab has more people. The desks and benches have been reorganized to accommodate more people.

Increasingly using English as a common language in the lab.

Things that need improvements in 2021:


Communicate with the staff scientists and students more often to have better cooperation among us.

We wanted to publish papers from our lab this year, but simply could not. Things have been so unpredicted this year. I felt a bit frustrated, as we could have been attributing everything to COVID-19 too much. However, the fact that everybody in the lab has been healthy is the best thing this year, which is certainly a special year.

Although we were not able to publish a paper from our lab, we have got funded enough to drive our science for a few years. Getting funded was the biggest challenge this year, so I am proud of myself in this regard.

A baby was born to a lab member's family this year. She is growing healthily in this difficult time, which is nice. We have more people in the lab, especially more students. Therefore, we have reorganized desks and benches. I will do my best to let them enjoy the lab life, so I hope they will do their best to give the best results. Since Diana joined the lab, the common lab language has been changed to English. The lab meetings are now presented basically in English. I told the students that we accept Japanese presentations if presenting in English was too much for them, but they just do well in English. They are so much more used to presenting in English than I was a student. Perhaps, the English education system in Japan could have been improved. Of course the effort by them should be appreciated first.

The year 2021 seems to be highly uncertain too, but I still hope 2021 will be a better year than 2020 for everybody in every aspect.


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