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森秀人さん(東大谷内江研)の医学研セミナー/Institutional seminar by Hideto Mori (From Yachie Lab)

 共同研究で、ゲノム編集のDeep sequencing解析を進めてくれている、東京大学先端科学技術研究センター、谷内江研の大学院生、森秀人さんに医学研セミナーをお願いしました。同じく、谷内江研の石黒 宗さんにもお世話になっております。今回は森さんにお願いしました。

 既にNucleic Acids Researchに発表している、SPADE (Search for Patterned DNA Elements)、もうすぐ発表されるであろう新しいBase editorなどについて、お話しいただきました。SPADEからまた新しいゲノム編集ツールが見つからないかなー、と勝手に想像を含まらませました。Base editorの方も論文を楽しみにしています。堂々たる発表でした。また、現場で実際に手を動かしている人が話す臨場感みたいなものもあったと思います。



We hosted an institutional seminar by Hideto Mori, who is a graduate student from the Yachie Lab at RCAST, the University of Tokyo. He analyzes genome editing results by deep sequencing in our collaborative project. Soh Ishiguro, also helps us a lot too. We invited Hideto this time.

He presented his work to develop the software, SPADE (Search for Patterned DNA Elements), which has been already published in Nucleic Acids Research, and a new base editor system that is going to be published soon. I hope that SPADE leads to a discovery of yet another novel genome editing tool. I look forward to reading the paper about the new base editor too. The talk was excellent, and I could feel the excitement the person who actually does the experiments had.

As far as I remember, this was the very first institutional seminar by a student since I started here in 2016. We do have a system to pay students for their presentations. I think talks by students are stimulative to students and young scientists at our institute. Therefore, I will do it again, if I have a chance.

We had dinner together with him after the seminar, and talked a lot about science and non-science. This seminar was held on February 12th, 2020, but all the seminars were cancelled after this due to the outbreak of COVID-19. I did not imagine that coming at that time, but it was good that I could host this one.

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