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2021 Year-End Review / 2021年総括















Good things in 2021

Paper on cardiomyopathy caused by RBM20 mutations published. Paper on ATP7B mutations that cause Wilson's disease published at bioRxiv and under review in collaboration with Dr. Hayashi's lab at RIKEN.

Anri Saitoh won the best student award. Daiki Kondo presented his poster in a real in-person meeting (good that he did this before his graduation).

Great progress in some collaborative projects with companies.

Several key results in lab projects.

Things that need improvements in 2022:

Paper (as always)

Grants (ideally big enough to hire a postdoc)

Find the best arrangements of lab projects and people to move forward as a lab

The year 2021 was still significantly affected by the pandemic. Our research activities still had a lot of restrictions, but I felt things were slightly better than in 2020. I always hope that students can present their work at academic meetings at least once before graduation, so I was glad to see that Daiki Kondo was able to attend a real meeting this year. We had reduced the number of mice too much last year, but it recovered this year, so that we were finally able to conduct some animal experiments that we had designed long before. Besides, we also got some very interesting results. I hope these will lead to new projects. For that purpose, I will find the best organization of projects and people in the lab.

Our paper on RBM20 was finally out this year. I am so glad. I will keep trying my best to publish more in 2022 too. Hopefully that will lead to grants, especially a bigger one to hire a postdoc. As a PI, now I really appreciate how important and difficult to hire people.

Overall, we were healthy throughout the year, which is nice. We will have some personnel turnovers in 2022, but I will try to keep the healthy lab environments to enjoy lab life. Now I miss conferences and traveling though...


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