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2022 Year-End Review / 2022年総括

2022年の良かった点: ウィルソン病原因のATP7B変異に関する論文を、理研の林先生と共同で発表















Good things in 2022:

Paper on ATP7B mutations that cause Wilson's disease (in collaboration with Dr. Hayashi at RIKEN) published.

Paper on genome editing induction patterns in single cells published.

Daiki Kondo won the best presentation award of our Institutional Poster Presentation Session.

Yuga Yasuda won the Dean's award.

Yuga Yasuda and Ittetsu Nakajima have got their fellowships.

Terumi Ono had a poster presentation and a short talk in a real in-person meeting.

Interesting findings that can lead to future projects in the lab.

Things that need improvements in 2023:

Paper (as always)

Grant (good size, very important)

Patent application (one ongoing plan)

Foster new projects in the lab.

We published two papers from the lab including the one in collaboration with Dr. Hayashi at RIKEN in 2022. We will hopefully keep going in 2023 too. Several papers are already in the pipeline, which is a good sign. It was also nice to see the students have the awards, fellowships, and presentations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our lab meeting had been online. However, we have switched back to in-person lab meetings. Online system is good for seminars, but I would like to have multiple conversations simultaneously in lab meetings. We feels the power of the in-person meetings, which I used to take for granted. Thanks to everybody's contributions, there have been interesting findings in the lab this year. Let's make these findings form into new projects in the lab.

My biggest challenge in 2023 will be to get funded enough to stably conduct experiments in the lab. I will try my best to make an environment for everybody in the lab to perform to his/her capability. Moreover, we expect to have less people in the lab than the previous year for the first time. Since the start of the lab in 2016, the number of people in the lab has kept increasing. However, this year's number seems to be the maximum considering the lab capacity. I would like to go out for conferences and meetings in 2023 too.

I am writing this now infected with COVID-19. We also had a few infection cases, but nothing was serious. It was nice that people were mentally and physically healthy in 2022. I hope that 2023 will be a good year for everybody.


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