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Terumi Ono and Diana Cifuentes Final Seminars/小野さん、Dianaさん最終講演




 2人も研究室からいなくなって、寂しくなりますが、それぞれの道を突き進んでほしいです。Bon Voyage!

Terumi Ono completed her Master's degree program and will work in pharmaceutical industry from April. Diana Cifuentes finished her intern in the lab and will work in biotech industry from April. Therefore, we had their final seminars. At the very end of their stay in the lab, we still got to know new information about them.

Terumi started in this lab as an undergraduate student. She steadily grew as a scientist at an astonishing pace in the lab. Her work is a big part of a paper that is currently under review. She also found an interesting molecule for our lab projects. She will be doing great in her next stage too.

Diana joined the lab in the right middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was a major driving force to establish a system to differentiate iPS cells to neuronal cells in this lab. She also contributed a lot to make English as a common language in the lab, and passionately trained students. I am sure that what she experienced here will help her in biotech industry.

Terumi and Diana are big losses in the lab. We will miss you. However, we all hope you will be doing great in your new positions. Bon Voyage!


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