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Genome Editing in Human iPS Cells to Study and Cure Disease

Human iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells have the potential to allow us to study diseases in virtually any type of human cell, and develop cell transplantation-based therapies. Our team is developing and improving genome editing technology in iPS cells. We are developing novel isogenic iPS cell-based disease models, and correcting mutations in iPS cells from patients, a critical step in transplantation-based therapies. Our current focus is on diseases affecting cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes. →More


2023. 10. 27. Tamae Hatakeyama and Yuzuki Morita join the lab as Interns!

2023. 9. 27. Ittetsu Nakajima is selected as a JSPS Fellow (DC2)!!

2023. 9. 20. Kakeru Furumata joins the lab as an Intern!

2023. 8. 31. Gou Takahashi and Miyaoka contribute to a book on basics and applications of genome editing (Japanese).

2023. 8. 7. Moe Sato joins the lab as an Intern!

2023. 8. 4. Lab trip to Akigawa valley.

2023. 7. 10. Grace joins the lab as a Summer Intern!

2023. 7. 3. Analysis of Cas9 fused to Histone variants is out in bioRxiv.

2023. 7. 3. Our Cell Transplantation Paper Is Highlighted at EurekAlert!

2023. 6. 28. Video Clip of Our Daily Lab Life Is Out!

2023. 6. 16. Ittetsu Nakajima is awarded the Takuetsu Fellowship!!

2023. 6. 16. Large-scale cloning method for cultured cells using On-chip SPiS is published.

2023. 6. 15. Seminar presented at ddPCR World 2023 (6/9) is now accessible online (3rd plenary talk).

2023. 5. 15. Our paper on transplantation of genome edited iPS cells into mice to deliver therapeutic molecules, mNAGA, for Fabry disease in vivo are out at Cell Transplantation.

- Press from TMiMS.

2023. 3. 25. Kayoko Shinozaki wins the President's Award of Nihon Univeristy.

2023. 2. 27&28. Lab ski trip to Madarao 

2023. 2. 21. Lab introductory video is out (only in Japanese)!

2023. 1. 23. Contribute to an introductory book for genome editing.
2023. 1. 9. Interview of Anri Saito as a representative graduate student is out at the Institution's website (in Japanese).  

2023. 1. 3. Results of transplantation of genome edited iPS cells into mice to deliver therapeutic molecules for Fabry disease in vivo are out at bioRxiv.

2022. 12. 2. Analysis of combinations, types, and frequencies of genome editing outcomes in individual human cells is out at iScience.
-Press release from TMiMS

2022. 11. 25. Lab trip to Mt. Takao


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