Genome Editing in Human iPS Cells to Study and Cure Disease

Human iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells have the potential to allow us to study diseases in virtually any type of human cell, and develop cell transplantation-based therapies. Our team is developing and improving genome editing technology in iPS cells. We are developing novel isogenic iPS cell-based disease models, and correcting mutations in iPS cells from patients, a critical step in transplantation-based therapies. Our current focus is on diseases affecting cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes. →More

2022. 9. 21. Genome edited iPS cell-based study on pathogenic mechanism and therapeutic approaches of Wilson's disease is out at Human Molecular Genetics- Collaborative project with Dr. Yohei Hayashi at RIKEN BRC.

2022. 7. 28. Yuga Yasuda is selected for the Yoshida Scholarship!!

2022. 5. 25. Yuga Yasuda wins the Dean's Award of Department of Science and Engineering, Chuo Univeristy.

2022. 5. 20. We take lab photos.

2022. 4. 1. Lanyu Huang joins the lab as a graduate student. Kayoko Shinozaki, Yuya Yasuda, and Kanata Imamura start thier BS theses in the lab.

2022. 3. 6. Our analysis of genome editing outcomes at the single cell level are out at bioRxiv.

2022. 2. 8. Daiki Kondo wins the best presentation award in the Institutional poster presentation competition.

2022. 1. 15. Comment on iPS cell therapy in Yomiuri Newspaper. 

2021. 11. 25. Anri Saitoh wins the Ochanomizu University Outstanding Student Award in Biology.

2021. 11. 18. Kanata Imamura and Yuga Yasuda join the lab as interns.

2021. 11. 10. Miyaoka answers a question on liver regeneration in Kodomo no Kagaku (Kids' Science magazine).

2021. 11. 3. Genome edited iPS cell-based study on pathogenic mechanism of cardiomyopathy by RBM20 mutations is published in Nature Communications.

We revealed surprising smilarlities between cardiomyopathy and neurodgenerative diseases such as ALS (PDF).

Press relsease by Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

2021. 10. 5. A review on CRISPR-Cas9 by Nakajima and Miyaoka  is published in Clinical Immunology & Allergology (in Japanese)



2022. 10. 5. Karasuyama Public Seminar "What is PCR?" (Seminar)

2022. 11.30-12.2 MBSJ2016 @ Makuhari Messe (Terumi Ono will have a science pitch and a poster presentation)

2023. 7. We will host a Public Seminar