Genome Editing in Human iPS Cells to Study and Cure Disease

Human iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells have the potential to allow us to study diseases in virtually any type of human cell, and develop cell transplantation-based therapies. Our team is developing and improving genome editing technology in iPS cells. We are developing novel isogenic iPS cell-based disease models, and correcting mutations in iPS cells from patients, a critical step in transplantation-based therapies. Our current focus is on diseases affecting cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes. →More


2021. 9. 2&3. Graduate School Lectures at Nihon University.

2021. 9. 14. Japan Productive Center, seminar for managers (Seminar)

2021. 10. 16. Seminar for elementary school kids about PCR hosted by the alumni association of Kawagoe High School.