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日本ゲノム編集学会第3回大会 広島 / The 3rd Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society for Genome Editing at Hiroshima


 山本先生の研究室を筆頭に、CiRAのKnut Woltjen博士、基調講演のStephen Ekker博士も含め、micro-homologyの話がとても多かったように感じました。デザインのためのオンラインツールもあるようなので、私もやってみようかと思いました。



I attended the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Genome Editing at Hiroshima from June 18-20. I planned to come to Hiroshima in the afternoon on 18th, but a big earthquake hit Osaka in the morning that day, so I arrived at Hiroshima late night instead. I wish to express my deepest condolences to those who were affected by the earthquake.

I felt there were many talks about micro-homology mediated genome editing, including the talks and posters from the Dr. Takashi Yamamoto's lab, the talk by Dr. Knut Woltjen at CiRA, and the plenary lecture by Dr. Stephen Ekker. It seems an online tool to design the micro-homology mediated genome editing is available, I might try it.

We also had the World Cup match between Japan and Columbia, but I had to be working on some paper work at the hotel. That was unfortunate. I still tried to watch the game and turned on the TV thinking nothing had happened yet, but I was surprised to see Japan had already scored a goal.

I got useful information that will facilitate our research in the lab this year too. We will have the next annual meeting in Tokyo, so I will join that one too.

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