Our First Paper Is Published (Sun) / 研究室初の論文を発表(サン)

Our very first paper from the lab was published in Nucleic Acids Research. In this study, we analyzed the balance between HDR and NHEJ induced by various Cas9 variants and modified gRNAs. These Cas9 variants such as eSpCas9(1.1), SpCas9-HF1, and HypaCas9 as well as modified gRNAs including tru-gRNAs were originally developed to reduce off-target events induced by the original CRISPR/Cas9 system. These improved Cas9 and gRNAs basically alter how the Cas9-gRNA complex interacts with the genomic DNA, so that Cas9 cleaves the genomic DNA only when the genomic DNA and gRNA sequences truly match. We speculated that the modified interactions also affect the HDR/NHEJ ratio induced by CRISPR/Cas9, an

Our First Paper Is Published (Moon) / 研究室初の論文を発表(ムーン)

In January 2016, I started my lab all by myself here. For the first 6 months, I did everything including making LB, purchasing a CO2 tank for CO2 incubators, and etc. I remember I was picking E.coli colonies at midnight wondering if it would be ever really possible to publish a paper from that point. The lab room was really nearly empty. However, the Institute gave me a starting package of two staff scientists and one lab tech as well as a good amount of money to purchase equipment. I really appreciate the Institute for this scientific freedom, as it is pretty common that a new PI has to take reagents, equipments, and even some people left from a previous lab. My situation was much better th

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