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秋川渓谷に日帰りラボ旅行 / One-day Lab Trip to the Akigawa Valley




We went to Akigawa Valley for a one-day lab trip. We enjoyed fishing+BBQ, limestone cave visiting, and hot spa. Recently, I feel that we say "this summer is exceptionally hot "every year, but this summer is extremely hot yet again. It is relentless. The temperature was about 36˚C around our Institute that day, but the valley was a bit cooler, although it was still hot too.

We had purchased foods, drinks, and etc on the day before, so we were able to do what we planned to do, which was good. In the limestone cave, we felt the natural cool air (not AC-generated) after a long time. Moreover, each of us caught at least one fish. That was a great accomplishment. People say that the charcoal-grilling is good because of the far infrared light. I think that is true too, but also feel this way of grilling allows the extra scum and fat drip off from the meat. I think that part makes even cheap meat tastes good. We also had some expensive meat and it was of course good anyway.

I think it was a nice change of pace for everyone. Since the deadline of the JSPS grants is earlier than before, a part of my brain has been always dedicated to the research proposals... but still I was able to forget about these things momentarily and enjoy the trip.


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