I was at the CiRA/ISSCR 2016 meeting, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of iPS cells. I was a graduate student in 2006, and still remember the first announcement of iPS cells at a conference in Japan. The room was too crowded to get in to listen to Dr. Yamanaka's talk. Absolutely great list of speakers for this meeting. Great science ongoing. It was also good for me to get to know scientists at CiRA and other places, and meet friends, especially those from the US, again. We were able to have a small Japanese-Gladstone alumni/scientist gathering in Kyoto. This was my first visit to CiRA. CiRA offers a very clean, open, and innovative environment, which is really rare in Japan. I did see a lot of influences by Gladstone Institutes such as the structure of the labs. It was a stimulative meeting. Now I focus on my own science.

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