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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Genome Engineering Meeting and Visit to San Francisco

I attended the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Genome Engineering Meeting 2017. This was my first time to not only join this meeting but also go to the US east coast. It was strange that I had never been to the east cost, even though I stayed in San Francisco for 4.5 years, but that was what it was. Even this time, I had just a direct round-trip between JFK and CSHL, so I did not have a chance to see the typical "east coast" except from the airplanes. I will do that next time.

Science is great. Personally, Drs. Jennifer Doudna's and David Liu's talks were the most impressive for me, because my research area is close to theirs. It is mind-boggling that I have to survive in this field, while so many great scientists are running so fast. I will find a way.

I think my talk went ok. I am so lucky that our topic was selected for a talk. At least, I was able to show what we are doing. It was great that some people showed interests in our project, and new collaborations may start. It was a great meeting including foods.

I visited Gladstone Institutes and TENAYA Therapeutics in (South) San Francisco before and after the meeting. It was nice to meet my friends again, and I am glad to see they are doing well. The main purpose of my visit to San Francisco was to discuss our collaborative project. Basically, the project that I started while I was at Gladstone Institutes, but have not finished. It's been a while since I left the lab. It is my responsibility to complete the project. I appreciate all the support that my collaborators give.

I like Kettle (or Kettle-style) potato chips, but do not see them in Japan, so brought a lot of them with me back to Japan.

 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Genome Engineering Meeting 2017に参加しました。この学会に参加するのが初めてであっただけでなく、アメリカ東海岸にも初めて行きました。4年半もアメリカにいたのに、一度も東海岸に行く機会がなかったのも不思議ですが、まあそんなものかもしれません。今回もJFK空港から学会会場までをただ往復しただけなので、いわゆる「東海岸」を見ることができませんでした(上空からを除く)。次回に期待です。  予想した通り、まずサイエンス的に素晴らしい学会でした。個人的には、Jennifer Doudna博士とDavid Liu博士の話が一番印象に残りました。研究分野が近いからだと思います。こんなにすごい研究者が沢山いる中で生き残っていかなくてはならないと思うと目眩がしますが、何とか方法を探します。


 学会の前後にサンフランシスコで、留学先のGladstone Institutesと、そのスピンオフのBiotech CompanyであるTENAYA Therapeuticsを訪れることができました。友人と会うことができ、みんな元気そうでよかったです。今回の訪問の主な目的は、私が留学中に始めてまだ終わらせられていない研究の打合せをすることでした。私が日本に戻ってからかなり時間が経っています。きちんとプロジェクトを終わらせることは、私の責任と思っています。共同研究者の協力に感謝したいと思います。


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