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ISSCR 2019 in Los Angels

I attended the ISSCR 2019 meeting in LA. The first thing I realized was iPS cell therapy is no longer a dream. It has become realistic. There are multiple academic groups and companies trying to put iPS cell-derived cells and tissues into patients' bodies to cure disease. Even genome-edited iPS cells seem to be a viable option. A lot has changed in these 4 or 5 years. It is encouraging to me.

The most impressive technological advancement for me was single cell RNAseq. The sequence quality and the number of analyzed cells at once have been improved so much since I first saw this kind of data a few years ago. Various organs and organoids have been thoroughly analyzed by single cell RNAseq to show beautiful cell populations and lineages in them.

It was nice to meet my friends at the meeting as well. I was also able to visit the second NBA arena in this trip, STAPLES Center, which is right next to the Conference Center. LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers will be a must-watch next season. It was a very stimulating meeting. I look forward to the next one.

 ロサンゼルスで開催されたISSCR 2019学会に参加しました。まず最初に感じたのは、iPS細胞移植治療がもはや夢ではなくなってきているということです。現実のものになってきました。いくつもの研究機関や企業が、疾患の治療のためにiPS細胞由来の細胞や組織を患者の体内に移植する試みを進めています。ここ4, 5年で大きく変化したと思います。うちの研究室にとっても重要な流れです。


 学会で友人達とも会うことができ、とても良かったです。この旅の中で2つ目のNBAスタジアム、STAPLES Centerにも行くことができました。来シーズンのLA Clippers対LA Lakersは必見です。非常に刺激になる学会参加となりました。次回を楽しみにしています。

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