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Frontiers in Genome Engineering 2019 in Kobe

I attended Frontiers in Genome Engineering 2019 meeting in Kobe. The meeting had a great list of speakers and it was an honor to be a part of it. The talks covered a wide range of topics from basic biology of CRISPR to application of genome editing in crops. Both biological understanding of CRISPR and its technical applications are moving so fast. It is almost impossible to follow all of them. We try to keep up with the moves and contribute to the technological advancement though.

My talk was about deletion mutagenesis by Cas12a dual cleavage. The project is still in progress. I wished I could have shown more data, but some planned experiments were not in time. I hope we can tell a bit more sophisticated story next year.

The meeting was held at Kobe Portopia Hotel where we often have annual meetings of The Molecular Biology Society of Japan. Those meetings are humongous, so I felt the building was so empty this time. Also, I stayed at Kobe Portopia Hotel for the first time. I flew from the Haneda Airport to the Kobe Airport which is on the artificial island created by landfill. The hotel is also on the same island, so I never stepped on the main island of Japan during this trip.

 神戸で開催されたFrontiers in Genome Engineering 2019に参加しました。ものすごい演者のリストで、私もその一部になれて光栄でした。CRISPRの基礎生物学的な話から、農産物へのゲノム編集の応用など、テーマは多岐に渡りました。CRISPRの生物学的な理解も技術的な応用も、進展が速すぎて全てを把握するのはほとんど不可能な状態になってきています。が、なんとか食らいついて技術開発に貢献したいと思っています。

 私自身の話は、Cas12a dual cleavageによる欠失導入についてでした。まだ現在進行中の話で、もっとデータを見せることができればよかったのですが、いくつかの実験が間に合いませんでした。もう少し洗練された話を来年はできればと思います。


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