Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Genome Engineering Meeting and Visit to San Francisco

I attended the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Genome Engineering Meeting 2017. This was my first time to not only join this meeting but also go to the US east coast. It was strange that I had never been to the east cost, even though I stayed in San Francisco for 4.5 years, but that was what it was. Even this time, I had just a direct round-trip between JFK and CSHL, so I did not have a chance to see the typical "east coast" except from the airplanes. I will do that next time. Science is great. Personally, Drs. Jennifer Doudna's and David Liu's talks were the most impressive for me, because my research area is close to theirs. It is mind-boggling that I have to survive in this field, wh

The 2nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Genome Editing & The Conference for BioSignal

I attended the 2nd annual meeting of the Japanese society of genome editing in Osaka. Fortunately, our topic was selected for a talk, so I gave both oral and poster presentations, which I think went well. The biggest achievement in this meeting for me was to get to know other scientists, especially PIs, who use/study genome editing. To do so, giving a talk was huge, as I was able to easily talk to other scientists about our research. To be selected for a talk, we had to submit a good abstract, and to do so, we had to do good science. Good science is the basis of success (yes, of course). In the field of genome editing, it is not unfair to say the innovations have happened outside of Japan.

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