Institutional Seminar by Dr. Tomoda/友田紀一郎博士による医学研セミナー

We hosted an institutional seminar by Dr. Kiichiro Tomoda who is a lecturer at Osaka Medical College. He was a postdoc in the Yamanaka Lab at Gladstone Institute where we got to know each other. He studied the very basic mechanisms that govern pluripotency in human iPS cells there, and he still does in Osaka. Today, he presented a part of his work done at Gladstone Institutes, and also a new project he started in Osaka. I was amazed to see how quickly he advances his new project on disease modeling by iPS cells. He has already collected really interesting data. We also had some guests who are also UCSF/Gladstone alumni. It was nice to see my friends doing well. We had a little reunion here

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