Language Barrier / 言葉の壁

One thing that surprised me during the ddPCR meeting in Korea was that a speaker gave his talk in Korean. It could have been the first time for me to attend a seminar in neither English nor Japanese. When I was an undergraduate student, my English was not good enough to fully follow English seminars. However, I was still able to understand some words and follow the stories at least in partially. It was a very new experience for me to have someone give a talk on science in an in-comprehensive language. Since I did my postdoc in the US, I had never had an experience like this, but I guess those who came to study in countries where English is not the first language would have experienced simila

Asia Pacific Droplet Digital PCR Symposium in Seoul, Korea / アジア太平洋Droplet Digital PCRシンポジウム 韓国、ソウル

The symposium was at Le Méridien Seoul hotel. / Le Méridienソウルホテルで開催 Korean BBQ (pork) was great. / 韓国BBQ(豚肉)、おいしかったです We had the 2nd Asia Pacific Droplet Digital PCR Symposium in Seoul, Korea. The 1st meeting was in Thailand, which I did not attend. This was another Bio-Rad-sponsored meeting, so I took days off from our institute again. That is the rule. We started a collaborative project on detection of genome editing events by droplet digital PCR with Bio-Rad, when I was a postdoc in the US, and it has worked out pretty well. That is why I am invited by Bio-Rad so often. Thanks to them, I am having a lot of opportunities to visit many countries and present our work there. I am happy with

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