First iPS Cell Culture in the Lab

Lab setup is ongoing. Now I can do PCR and DNA cloning. Finally, I started culturing human iPS cells in the lab. The media, ROCK inhibitor, and Matrigel.. Everything is so expensive. Moreover, this was a critical step. If I cannot culture iPS cells here, I won't be able to run this lab at all. Therefore, I was kind of nervous checking the cells under a microscope several times a day. This was my first time I got this nervous about iPS cells since I cultured them for the first time 5 years ago at Gladstone Institutes. Fortunately, the cells are growing well. I am happy. I will try yet another key technique, ddPCR next week. ついにiPS細胞を飼い始めました。培地、ROCK阻害剤、Matrigel、全てが高い上に研究室にとってiPS細胞培養は基本中の基本なので、

Seminar at National Center for Child Health and Development 成育医療センターでセミナー

I gave a talk at National Center for Child Health and Development. I got a lot of nice input from the audience, especially clinicians regarding how we can really utilize our technology for therapy. Since my clinical knowledge is limited, it would be great if we could have a good collaboration. 今日は成育医療センターでセミナー発表をしました。非常に有益なご意見をいただくことができました。特に、実際に私達の技術を治療に使っていくために臨床の方々の考えはとても勉強になります。私の臨床的な知識は不十分な面がありますので、成育医療センターの方々と研究協力ができたらよいと思っています。今日はどうもありがとうございました。

PCR and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

As starting a lab in 2016, I tried not to install the EtBr system in the lab. Instead, I chose a non-EtBr dye and the blue-green LED system. The dye is not as harmful as EtBr, and the detection system is based on an LED, not UV. Therefore, I do not have to worry about the gel or buffer waste. Moreover, I can just casually open the door of the device to cut out DNA bands, as the system does not use the UV light, although I have to wear orange glasses to see bands. I hope this investment is worthwhile. By the way, the name of the dye is "Midori-Green". "Midori" means "Green" in Japanese, so "Midori-Green" is "Green-Green". I also started a kind of cloning by PCR. However, I kept having the sam

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